Travel as your best teacher

When I was seventeen, I was on a bus in Hong Kong. I was sitting away from my family, having just fought with them on things family fight about when they are travelling together.

I sat behind them and had this cheap Mobile phone with me. It didn’t have a front camera so I turned it around and took a pretentious picture of me looking outside the bus window. It looked like someone had clicked it and I remember posting it on the gram and writing the caption “Whenever I reach somewhere new, I disco

Experiencing life without letting age hold us hostage

Human beings are the sum of all their experiences, there are no qualms about that. Yet, we set these foundations and limits on when we experience what we want to experience—first kiss by 15, first love by 18, first heartbreak by 21. Our deepest desires and longing are merged with the consuming despair to get through all our firsts before anyone else does. Or rather, before you are the last one in the room to experience certain things.

We let the age hold us hostage. We know, in every cell of ou

26 things I learned in my 26 years

For my sisters, to read when they need it
• Yes, people will come and go but that doesn’t mean you love them any less: You’ll meet so many friends. In your school, college, while doing an awful internship, or when sweating out in your community gym. Life will inevitably take a lot of them. Some will move, some will be bad at keeping in touch, some will change and there will be inevitable heartbreaking fallouts but none of it means you ever love them any less. No fear, okay? Love them with all yo

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